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Anyone assembled a Voron 2.4 with CNC Alumn parts - 0 XY Joint issue?


I got to page 103 of the manual largely without issue despit there being differences between printed parts and alumn parts. Everything has fit together well until I assembled the XY Joints. I dont know it they alumn parts just require spacers (See gaps Blue Arrow point #2) and the manual is not showing them OR if I should use different bolt (Bolts raised so assuming they are wrong (Blue arrow Point 1) or if they purposely left this part loose for some future tightening ? The pieces clearly are not square (See Blue Arrow point # 3). If you have assembled one of these and remember this being an issue or you have any general advice, it would be great to hear from you. Thanks
Honestly, it depends on your specific XY joints. I suspect most do use different hardware as the 40mm M5 steel bolts are heavy and most aluminum XY joints aim to use less steel to lower weight. I used the Common Anomaly Productions ones which need different bolts and a single spacer for the bearing stacks. I used the provided M5 titanium reamer bolts for both sets of bearings since I wanted the precision 5mm round shaft interfacing with the bearings and was worried threaded aluminum bolts would either cut into the bearings (raise a small burr) or deform under tension. I then cut down some aluminum M5 bolts to ~16-18mm to get full thread contact but not go past the hole for the other 4 holes since I had them, they were lighter than the provided 18mm titanium ones and should be more than capable of holding. I also used smaller-bearing bronze shims for the one required spacer on each bearing stack.

Happen to have a picture of your setup?
Just got back into the country and greatly appreciate your insight and experience. I plan to go heads down on this after Xmas. I will just shim everything so it's stable and even. If I have do do a tear down when I get to installing the belts... So be it. I will send a pic of before and after.