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BE AWARE OF SCAMS (orion 3d printers)


New member
Heads up, looks like a company called orion 3d printers is gaming the google SEO and ads to show up when searching for voron kits and has prices that are a little too good be true... The site is a scam, do not buy
I mean, cmon, vzero kit WITH RPI3 for 328? lol

Voron is kinda popular and with the growth of kits in the market, if its too good to be true, it probably is, use your brain, if you see a kit on sale for a price thats massively cheaper than other vendors (especially if its a store you have never heard of) its probably not legit, dont risk it
Thank you for the PSA post here and your video.
I ran across that site poking around for V0.1 kits recently and it set off all the red flags. So I navigated somewhere else quickly, hoping the browser didn't catch anything.