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I have a question, i like to get a bigtreetech pi tft50 screen, this also because i have a raspberry pi left over and that you can atach it directly to the screen, but i want to use it to control my printer, but then wireles, so i want to let the raspberry on the screen connect with my biqu PI from the printer, is this possible, or do i have to think of something else?
You have BTT Pi in the printer, and have second BTT pi, for which you want to buy screen and use it to control remotely? Do I understand it correctly?
In that case it will be a standalone device, as a separate computer and you need to treat it as just another computer. I am not sure how well does redirection of X Window to another computer work with BTT Pi. I personally would connect screen to the printer, and use mobile phone or tablet for remote control.

Edit: Apparently it's doable, you just need to make sure your IP addresses don't change and point Klipperscreen to Moonraker instance on printer Pi.
Yes, You can make that work. On the second, stand along pi, you'll install klipperscreen, then go into its config and tell it to connect to moonraker on the printer pi.

Should work fine over wired network or even wifi