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Question bulging ends on y-axis


New member
Hi, I have problems printing with my switchwire. As you can see in the picture, the prints are "bulging" at both ends of the Y-axis. With multiple prints the pattern behaves the same. Is this more of a mechanical problem or a slicer problem. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Where could I start looking for errors?

Belt tension maybe.
Also just make sure you don't have a loose nut or bolt but I doubt this is slicer related.
With consistent behavior I also would point at mechanical. I'd go through the motion system and check that everything is adjusted properly.
Can you post photo of the whole part? how does it look on the other side? Are prints just leaning to one direction, or look like this on both ends, or around the whole part?
What is you try printing something taller? And when you print something in vase mode?