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Electronics for Trident?


New member
Pulled the trigger on a 350mm Trident kit from Formbot today. I excluded the electronics as they do not have the option for CAN as default with the Octopus 1.1 and advised that I buy this direct from BigTreeTech. So my question is:

If you want to buy once, the requirements are:
  • CAN Bus Stealthburner with the simplest connection
  • Decent 5" or 7" screen
  • KNOMI integration
  • Simple idiotproof neat cabling
What would you buy?
  • Control Board?
  • BTT Pi?
  • Drivers?
  • Screen?
  • CAN Interface?
If you are buying a Formbot kit I would not deviate from the stock build unless you are VERY confidant you can do it without issues.

Most people have issues with setting up CAN bus, and while it is nice, I would not do it unless you are very comfortable with the software side of things.

That being said if you move forward with CAN bus there are a lot of good boards to choose from.
There are so many screens to choose from, but I don't think I have ever used mine. I do everything from Mainsail.
I personally love the BTT Octopus PRO
If you can get a PI I would go that route. I have a couple CB1's and they work, but they are a bit slower at everything over a Pi4.
2209's are great drivers and I would stick with them unless you need other ones for specific reasons.
For can, I would go U2C for the interface. I have heard of issues of using the Ethernet port direct to the CAN board but then again that was a while ago.
Thanks for the info!
I've ended up going for a BTT Manta M8P + CB1, 2209 Drivers, Screen, EBB36 CAN, BTT Pi and a KNOMI Screen...
Fingers crossed that all of this work!
Where did you find the option to buy the formbot kit without the electronics?
Does this also exclude the wiring?
Made direct contact with their sales team. They then refund the components that you don't need back to your PayPal account
Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing this info. If i'm building another Voron I'm definetily going for canbus and asking them to exclude a couple of things.
I highly recommend the E3EZ + CM4 + EBB36 combo for Trident based builds. I have 2 builds with this combo and it has exactly what you need if you want keep things simple. Only major limitation is you need to have 24v fans for example.

The CAN support is built-in and works great as long as you put jumpers on each end.

The board is very compact and you could mount to side of skirts to get easy access to ports.