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Fan relays


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Pretty sure my Manta M8p popped a fan circuit. I was standing by the machine when it quite literally "popped" and some cooling fans on the electronics shut off. Nothing else failed, so put on a separate fan and carried on.

I haven't had time to look at it yet, but wondering if anyone has used relays to isolate the fan current draw from the control board? (not much different than the SSRs for bed power).
Reasonably speaking, you probably did in the 1A fuse. You can take a look at the board for the Fan's LED, if they even populated it, it should still light up when asked for if it was the fuse. If not, then the transistor is probably dead. Harder to believe, since it is supposedly rated for like 5A/30V.

You did not mention which fan, but all the fans are the same design in the schematic, baring the MCU pin.

At any rate, in theory, a relay would work, but you can't do PWM through it and would be in worse in terms of reliability as it's not solid state. Reasonably speaking, the transistor is already like a SSR anyway, and should have been ample for a single fan.