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Formbot Trident 250 kit build + mods in plan


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Will try to play with Mosfet later, to control & dim lights from Klipper for example or etc.

1672641608382.jpeg 1672641618352.jpeg


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Linux image successfully installed on CB1 without any issues, connecting to the both 2.4 and 5GHz wifi APs.
Kiauh installed and KlipperScreen running. Bigtreetech HDMI touch screen works normally. I don't feel it is any slower then my Pi4 (2GB version), however I didn't connect printer MB nor camera yet.
What I find as annoying are the cables, will need to find both of them with an 90deg angle.

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Some additional wiring done.
  • all the led strips (top lef&right and under the bed one) are connected to the additional Mean Well power supply (hidden in the top right corner), idea is to make them separately controllable via Mosfet & Klipper
  • main power lines added to the mainboard
  • all motors are connected to the mainboard, except for extruder
  • fans on the right side are connected to the MB
  • some better cable routing chosen (right skirt side)
  • SSR wires added, connection to the bed and the mainboard
  • the small blue 10A relay for turning on/off main power supply controlled via CB1 planned (just sitting there)
USB & HDMI 90 degrees short cables ordered. (also thanks to @TobyLies for pointing me to the cheaper sellers)