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LGX Lite mod for 0.2?


Printer Model
Voron 0.2
Extruder Type
LGX Lite
Cooling Type
A few months ago, I bought an LGX lite to use with the 0.1 build was starting. There was a nice (unofficial, but widely used) tool head mod that allows this. Then one morning 0.2 was released! Hooray! Oh but my LGX mod no longer works. Grumble. Has some enterprising person designed a way to get a miniSB Lite for 0.2? I would give it a try, but I’m not quite there yet in my 3D printer journey/obsession.
Use the one posted above. It work’s absolutely perfect. Been using it for almost a month now on my 0.2 with a high flow voron revo setup and it’s been flawless.