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My Enderwire build


I'm self sourcing an Ender 3 Pro to switchwire conversion. This one is mostly based on the DarkDog github, though I've added a few updated parts from others. Rather than convert my current Ender3 Pro printer, which is producing the required printed parts, I bought a "basket case" Ender 3 Pro off of ebay. For about $80, I got an "unrepaired" printer as a box of parts. A few screws, and some of the tools were missing, otherwise it was a complete Ender 3 Pro. I decided to use as much of the original printer as possible, though I have replaced the v4.2.2 MCU with a BTT SKR Mini V3. I've also decided to use a Taichi dual Bowden hot end with a pair of M4 extruders to make this a dual material/color printer. I bought a second "Z" motor from Creality, and will use two of them for the X and Z motors. The former extruder motor will become the Y motor, and the two remaining steppers will be used on the M4 extruders.
Since the SKR only has 4 2209 stepper drivers, I've ordered a Mellow-Fly SB2040 CAN toolhead board. This will also reduce the wiring from the printhead to the MCU down to 4 wires. The motor cable from the toolhead to one of the extruders will be bundled with one of the Bowden tubes.
I will be using the original Meanwell power supply, along with an additional 5v 25w unit for the RPi. I'm also using the original Ender 3 LCD (Darkdog had STLs for a mount for that).
As I do not intend to enclose this printer, I'm printing most of the parts in PETG (if PETG is good enough for Prusa, it should be OK in an open bedslinger). I am printing the Stealthburner parts that have to live next to the hotend in ABS. I locked my Ender 3 in the closet, surrounded it in cardboard from some large shipping boxes, and cranked up the bed heat. After a bit of fine tuning, I got it to make some decent ABS prints without any warping.
I will be using 10x11 drag chains for the X and Z runs, the Y run with the bed heater and thermistor wires was routed through a 1/4" dia flexible cable run found at Harbor Freight.
Most of the parts and hardware are being sourced from Amazon, AliExpress, and KB3D, with some bits from HomeDepot or Lowes.

More to come, including pictures.