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My first Voron - based on fysetc Voron Trident-Kit


Hello to everyone!

I got myself a nice christmas present, a Voron Trident 300 Kit by Fysetc.
The build went straight forward, all thanks to the documetation.
It was my first printer kit, but i already own an Ender 7, which I slightly modified (Klipper+Klipperscreen, Mosquito Hotend, drag chain)
After 4-5 days, I spent about 35 hours I got my Voron running and named him "Newton".

Tank you very much Voron Design Team!

A few picture of the process are attached.
The side panels, doors and bottom cover are going to be mounted, when I installed the chamber light and webcam. The parts are still in shipment.

Just a few specs:
  • Fysetc Spider 2.2
  • Fysetc TMC2209
  • Phaetus Dragon HF
  • RPi 4 running Klipper
  • BTT TFT50 will be added for Klipperscreen
Planned upgrades / modifications
  • BentoBox or evermore filter
  • chamber rgb light
  • webcam
  • exhaust and electronics fan controlled via temperature probe
  • maybe toolhead can pcb and toolhead led
  • and for sure, tuning, playing and (maybe) some usefull prints 🙃
Last, but not least, another huge thanks to the Voron-Team!

Jan from germany



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