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Voron ERCF multi-color 9 color kit recommendations


New member
Hey everyone!

I am building a 300 Voron Trident and looking to get a ERCF multi-color 9 color kit for it.

A quick search online showed 3 kits, Siboor for $160, Triangle-lab for $111 and FYSETC for $132.

Hoping to hear some experiences, anyone who built some of these kits?

My Voron Trident kit is from FYSETC and so far it's good, but I read a review for the FYSETC ERCF multi-color 9 color kit and someone complained that it came with a NEMA 14 instead of a NEMA 17 motor.

Any advice appreciated!
I have Triangle one on the way, I told myself totally illogical reasoning that they make very good BMG gears so their kit will probably be OK on that front at least 🙃
Yup, from Ali. I bought it during week of 11.11 sales, and it finally made it to my country. Otherwise they are pretty fast and I get stuff in like 2 weeks from them.