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Voron Trident kit - Formbot vs Fysetc


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Hello everyone! I'm seeking assistance for my first Voron build. I'm planning to purchase the Voron Trident 300 kit. However, the LDO kit is beyond my budget, so I'm currently considering two alternatives: the Fysetc and Formbot kits. I'm unsure which one would be the better choice.
  • The Fysetc kit is priced at $625 and includes the Dragon HF hotend, the Stealthburner costs an extra $26. The kit does not include a Raspberry Pi, but I already own a 3B+. I'm uncertain if it's sufficient for this purpose. Fysetc uses mechanical endstops and Spider controller board.
  • Formbot kit is priced at $859 and also includes the same hotend, with the Stealthburner included in the package. Instead of a Raspberry Pi, it comes with a BTT Klipper Pi. Formbot
    uses hall endstops and Octopus controller board.
Are there any other differences between these two kits that I should investigate?

Initially, I had planned to purchase the Dragon SF, but I'm concerned it might be too restrictive if I want to print with a 0.6 nozzle, as I currently do.

I noticed that both sets received positive reviews, but they also received revisions over time, potentially rendering the old reviews obsolete.
I don't have any experience with the Fysetc myself. What I can say is that for Formbot:
- They have recently updated their v2.4 kit with a bunch of improvements such as bigger screen, tap, filament sensor, ... It seems likely that they will also do this for their trident kits.
- You can mention in the order which parts you don't need, and they will create the kit without those parts and give you a refund for it. This only works if you order from China.
- My v2.4 kit came with mechanical endstops (buttons) ?
- Their support is very responsive, I've always gotten a reply within a day of sending an email.

As far as the dragon HF hotend. You're right, the voron can absolutely hit the flow limits of even the dragon HF hotend. But keep in mind that high flow hotends can have a bit more stringing and require a bit more tuning.
I probably won't order from china as it is cheaper to get the kit shipped from Europe, I'm not sure why, usually AliExpress is cheaper.
I fought a lot with stringing on my previous printer, maybe I shall start with Dragon SF hotend. I can always change it later.
Sounds reaonable, but do now that you will easily hit the limits of the SF hotend with the movement speed of the voron. You can give CHT nozzles a try also of course.