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Nevermore, which one to choose for a non-Voron encolsure


Hi y'all
Maybe one of you smart people can help me a bit.
Recently I've been diagnosed with mild asthma, which has finally given me the push I needed to put my Prusa MK3S+ into an enclosure with some form of air filtration.
As the commercial offerings are all a bit unsatisfactory, I want something affordable and sorta proven, I thought about one of the NEVERMORE filters.
Thing is, I want to filter both VOCs and Particulates, so the mini variants are out.
The StealthMax seems kinda promising (especially with that kit that has become available), but I have a bit of a problem with that. My only printer is a Stock MK3S+, i.e. I've only got 220x220 as an available print bed.

So, should I try and just strap a HEPA filter to the Mini and deal with the small carbon cartridge or should I try to find someone who could print those large components for me?.

Thanks in advance,
Hm you can always get 2-3 smaller Nevermores or equivalent filters. As for Hepa, there is VEFACH project but that's not recirculating but installs in place of exhaust filter. So one solution would be recirculate with Nevermore or equivalent in very well sealed enclosure, and exhaust through additional HEPA + carbon filters? https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/KevinAkaSam/VEFACH

But the bento seems to tick most of your boxes, and can probably be easily scaled.
It wasn't so much scaling, the enclosure is gonna be 600x600x600mm max, more that I would like a larger interval between changing the carbon filter.
Anyway, I've asked a few people now about printing it, maybe that'll work.
For some reason VOC measurement devices cost more then the Stealth MAx Kit, at least decently reviewed ones do, and I'm not going to use a filter without at least some way to verify it's actually doing something