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New extruder Orbiter2 and buzz noise


Hi guys ,after an installation of new Orbiter 2 on a Voron trident probabilly i fault his bigtreetech TMC 22009 because i tried to change vref on a UART mode.
Now extruder buzz and dont work ! I have 2 drivers as spare parts . Whats the right way to replace it ?
Many thanks, Sandro2024-02-29_10h35_06.png
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If you think the driver needs to be replaced, just turn off the printer and unplug the power. Pull off old driver and push the new one on making sure all the pins are in the correct spot and the orientation is correct.
Then just power on.
I'll take this opportunity to ask you another issue related clogging between Rapido2 and Orbiter 2 . I'm going mad to find the right way to avoid wire clogging in the stealthburner head .
I used different lenght of PTFE hose , diameter and so on .
Is many time wire locked before hotend in extrude/retract procedure in Kilpper. (PLA material , hotend warm to 200°)
I noticed that remain fused wire pcs in the path .
I dont understand where is the issue , i applied 33-30-37 mm of PTFE hose as advised but there is always something go wrong ! In the picture , the wire was blocked by knot !
I'm not sure about quality of Orbiter 2 and also my second Rapido 2 (first was clogged and broken)
Many thanks for adivices


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Could be tuning, such as retraction settings. Both products are very good so hard to say.
Is your hotend fan pushing hard enough?
That "knot" is probably a significant clue... seems like some part of your filament path, close to or within the hot zone, has a distinctive wider width where the filament path isn't constrained?
Hi guys . For NoGuru i will try change Fan and check retract runtime . Abuot Dave32 sorry but is difficult for understand the meaning ! This evening i'll try to replace driver 2209 and PTFE with 4x2 mm . Many thanks for help