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New Fysetc / Siboor heater mat

Thanks for this, the directions in the siboor kit for the 2.4 were alittle sketchy at best. I’d like to add the kit also has the extruder motor labels wrong. Below where I put the tape on the diagram is the proper motor orientation for the spider 2.3


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It has come to our attention that Fysetc and Siboor are shipping new dual-voltage bed heater mats that have no labeling and no instructions. To prevent electric shocks and fire the Voron helpers have developed a diagram.

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Thank you for your careful pointing out! Thanks to the voron team.

We have now reminded the salesman to correct the product description and indicate that the source of this picture is from the voron team.

Safety first, this is also the concept we have always supported! We will check more carefully in the future and do every step well. Thanks again!