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Question New meanwell PS, started with switch on 230v, did I blow it?


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Voron V2.4r
My Meanwell LRS-200-24 failed on me so I ordered and installed a new Meanwell LRS-300-24. I wired it and switched it on, no green light on the PS. Turned it off within 5-10 seconds. No smoke. I then noticed the input voltage setting and switched that to 115V from 230V. Tried again, no green light. I verified I am getting 120V to the input screws of the PS. I then replaced the fuse in my power plug, no luck.
Ideas? Did I fry it in those few seconds?
what voltage do you get on the DC terminals when live?

Supplying 110-120V when it's selected to be 230V should be fine - it just won't provide sufficient power. it's the other way you really have to be careful of (having it set to 115 and supplying 230...)
My working theory right now is the switch went bad. It feels gummy now when I flip the switch. Luckily I have another on hand. Wiring it now.