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Printer wouldn't run, then started smoking


Hello everyone, I'm running SB with Hawk 2p pcbs. Printer was working fine for a while (though still getting setup so pretty new). All of a sudden my printer stopped running. Trying to restart shows the printer/psu cycling power. I unplugged everything on board, slowly added everything back in. Control board ran/stayed on but hotend was "on" ...started smoking a ton...seems like it was filament in hotend. Disconnected hotend wires...they are not getting power by default at this stage but my screen only turns on for 1 second. I'm completely at a loss. Any ideas. I haven't gotten one print from this thing yet.
Ok...the printer is running/screen working right now. The hotend wires disconnected. I had to connect the thermistor wires to get it to this state. I was told DFU mode cranks the heaters to max...which is just crazy

No idea what caused the original issue or for it crank the heaters (if it was DFU mode why did it go into it).
Ouch. Glad you were there and nothing caught fire 😬 I am not sure what is Hawk PCB, but either way, it is recommended to NOT connect heaters until after you flashed controller firmware of your choice where you made necessary steps during compilation to make sure heaters don't turn on. DFU mode on some CAN boards activated heater pins (EBB36 v1.1). Sometimes manufacturer does not flash other than testing firmware which turns everything on (Octopus).