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Secret Santa Trident 350


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Thought I’d publish a couple pictures of `SecretSanta` before I put into full service. It started out as a Fysetc Trident 350 kit that I won in the Voron Discord vendor Santa giveaway. Then on Nero3D’s New Year’s live stream I won a set of ACM panels from Printed Solid. Very lucky end of year for me.

I ended up requesting those panels to fit a different Voron but I liked them so much I’ve since ordered and installed a set from Printed Solid here as well. Proving that vendor giveaways do generate more business.

I dint feel like do a full build log. We have all, by now seen a few hundred Voron builds. I also went for a simple color scheme. I would have done something in red but I already have too many red printers – red and green would have been over the top :). Simple black and white looks nice.

This build departs from the “standard” Voron in that it’s using RepRapFirmware on a Mellow/Fly Super8 Pro controller and a build of firmware for the Mellow/Fly SB2040 tool board. Which implements CANFD in the firmware to allow it to talk to RRF native. Sadly owing to Bosch’s unwillingness to explore a software implementation of CANFD this code wont see the light of day. (at least in any binary distributed form). However, Fly has stepped up and is working on a version of the SB2040 that will have in hardware CANFD – fingers crossed.

So all the specs for people that enjoy them:
  • Printed parts per PIF instructions in ApolloX ASA (b&w)
  • Bulk of hardware Fysetc Voron Trident 350 kit.
    • Replaced Motors with LDO Trident Kit
    • Replaced toothed idlers with genuine Gates
    • Replaced all fans with higher quality fans.
  • Voron Opto TAP Fysetc kit and printed Stealthburner+PCB and 30x30 fan cable cover
  • Fly Super8 Pro wifi enabled controller running Teamgloomy’s RRF 3.5_beta2
  • Fly SB2040 running Teamgloomy’s RRF 3.5_beta2
  • West3D Titanium backers.
  • West3D kinematic bed kit.
  • Printed Solid ACM panels.
Thank you very much to the Voron Design Discord team, Fysetc, Nero3D and Printed Solid and Teamgloomy for making this build a reality for me.