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Sourcing Guide for UK


New member
Looking to self-source for a V0.2, mainly because I plan to spend about £100 a month and slowly collect what I need rather than fork out the money for a kit all at once.
I was wondering if there are UK links like in the sourcing guide for the US? For example, I can't seem to find a suitable alternative to Bolt Depot for fasteners.
Hi, fixing-wise you can use Kay's Fasteners -https://www.kayfast.co.uk/ or Bolt Base - https://boltbase.com/.

If you're looking for panels, I run Sledz UK (https://www.sledz.uk) - and I laser cut & CNC panels. If you're looking for v0.2 panels the panels can be found at https://www.sledz.uk/product-tag/v0-2

Other vendors that can help are:

Printyplease - https://www.printyplease.uk/
OneTwo3D - https://www.onetwo3d.co.uk/
JB3D - https://jb3d.uk/

I would also suggest joining the Voron Discord and joining the #brexited channel - this is the UK channel and is very active, so if you have questions, someone is always around.


Ax @ Sledz UK