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Tachyon, son of Unobtainium


First time Voron builder here and anxiously waiting for my Formbot kit to arrive. This will be my first Voron but not the first 3D printer that I have build.

So what am I going to build? I have ordered a 300x300 350x350 Voron 2.4 kit from Formbot and some mods.

  • a E3D Revo Voron
  • a Bigtreetech Canbus kit for the Stealthburner
  • a PCB Klicky
  • and a touch screen for Klipper

But why the silly name? I fully expect the Voron to print faster than light so the name “Tachyon” seems appropriate and I am going to print the plastic parts myself on my trusty old 3D workhorse “Unobtanium”.

But while I'm still waiting for most of the parts to show up, I can start printing the plastic bits.

Tachyon build1.jpg
And so it begins.

Tachyon build2.jpg

Tachyon build3.jpg
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Not sure if it's just me but I can't see the .jpg's. Might be my VPN.

Regarding the Klicky, CANbus and touch screen. Most would suggest building stock first, then doing the mods. I would really avoid doing CAN bus unless you are very confidant you can do that without issue. I would say a lot of people struggle with CAN bus.
My plan is to setup and test the CANbus kit and the Klipper screen while I'm waiting for the kit to arrive. If I don't succeed in getting everything running before I start with the electrical installation of the printer then I'll do a standard installation. The Klicky probe has a low priority and has to wait until the printer is working.

Still waiting for the Formbot kit to arrive but some of the upgrades are beginning to show up. I also managed to source a cheap(ish) Raspberry PI 4 4GB.

Tachyon build4.jpg
Can't believe how small a Revo is compared to a V6.
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Finally, my Formbot kit has arrived. They couldn't ship my 300mm kit due to customs issues, but they had 350mm kits in stock in the Czech Republic so they asked if I wanted a 350mm kit instead. So, my 300mm build is now a 350mm build.

Tachyon build5.jpg
The kit needed to be approved by the inspector first.

Tachyon build7.jpg

Status after a few hours of building.
Made a lot of progress today.

Most electronics are tested and working including the Canbus interface for the Stealthburner. Also the gantry is build and hanging. Core A and B belts are in and the print bed is installed.

Tachyon build8.jpg

A 350x350 print bed is huge compared to the 215x215 build plate form my trusty old printer.:eek:

Tachyon build9.jpg

Tachyon build10.jpg

Tachyon build11.jpg

Tomorrow electronics day, and maybe some movements.
Yesterday was the big day, wiring the beast and first movement.

Formbot includes a complete wiring package in their Voron kit so wiring was pretty easy and straight forward. All wires are individually labeled and come pre terminated with the right connectors. The wiring of the Stealthburner was a bit more complicated but the manuals from BTT and the Voron SB manual are pretty good so no real issues.

Tachyon build12.jpg

Tachyon build13.jpg

It's alive.

Tachyon build14.jpg

This still needs some tidying up :rolleyes:.

But after a long day there finally was some movement in the printer.