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TAP Sensor wiring on BIQU EBB36/EBB40?


I'm building a new V2R2, and I'm using canbus and TAP.

I'm using an EBB36 V1.2 canbus board with the OptoTap V2, and I'm hoping you guys can help me with the TAP sensor wiring.


On the EBB36/40, there is a 5 wire endstop connector, with labelled pins +5V, GND, PB6, PB5, and PB7. The +5V and GND are self explanatory, but where do I wire the TAP signal? Once wired, I just need to follow the TAP instructions and change my endstop pin to match?


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My understanding is that you can use any of the PB5, PB6, or PB7 pins. Just make sure you add the correct pin to the probe config section. If you plan to use the board for the x end stop, I would use the probe pins for the tap board. So in this case, PB8 or PB9.


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I am doing this mod right now and referring to your fan tach, how do you give it say 5v instead of 24v? I am doing my build all at once for the first time with upgrades I know it’s not recommended but I would hate to tear it apart! I am doing kejar31 mod as well with SB, Tap, revo Voron, LGX lite, Hall effect for the ERCF (don’t have it yet but installed washer and magnet with sensor and put extra length wire behind board for now), can bus Ebb36, u2c.. I am sure there is more but that’s what I have now! I ordered the 5v-24v tap but did the mod to revert back to 5v only and my fan for ebb is 5v. And is the tach going to be positive with red wire and ground anywhere? TIA. :)