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Terrible input shaping results, much help needed.


Printer Model
2.4 R2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
Cooling Type
OK, really hitting a brick wall here with my Y-axis input shaper, stripped all my panels off, loosed my belts and then went round and checked all my bearings were spinning freely, look really hard for any tell tell dust or ware on the belt with no joy, loosened the gantry and made sure it was not racked, even going as far as measuring the distance between the Y beams at the front and back, rebuilt the tool head. lubbed my rail after flashing with IPA by injecting Super lube through the rails hole into the bearing and clearing of the excess....could I just get a sanity check that my belts are at least run correctly while I sit here and have a little cry.





It looks like either something is loose, or your belts aren't tight enough.

The main vibration spike should be sharp, distinct, and clear.

X (side to side) should be the carriage going side ways and be sharper than the Y. The Y is a bit floppier as there is some more mass with the cross beam and it exposes the inherent looseness in the X carriage due to the mass of the tool-head.

These are mine. From a nearly done 2.5 350 (Fysetc kit) with CAN, Tap and a stealth burner head:

I would guess that the CAN reduces the noise as there aren't any drag chains.


You have some X axis vibration showing up in the Y plot (Your 2nd plot) - so more indication that something is loose. Could also be that your gantry isn't square - but likely not that since Y doesn't show up in your X plot (your 1st plot).

Something in your head it moving side to side when the tester wants to move the gantry in the Y axis only. Check that both your A and B belts twang at the same frequency.

Also check that there isn't something loose in the head.