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Solved Voron 0.1 build homes wrongly


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Voron v0.1
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I have just finished my first voron build and now its time for setting up. When i use the "STEPPER_BUZZ STEPPER=stepper_x", "STEPPER_BUZZ STEPPER=stepper_y" tests the steppers run first clockwise and then anticlockwise. But when i try to home the printer it starts moving in a diagonal to the left front (looking from the front of the printer).
This is my first printer and i cant figgur out what the problem is, please help
Thanks :)


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In the PDF manual there is a image that should explain what is wrong.


This image is hosted on my build post for my Voron. Might be useful to you. https://byteinsight.co.uk/2022/09/voron-zero-0-1-formbot-build/
Hi thanks for the fast feedback. I have used this picture before, but when homing the x-axis only should the toolhead move diagonal to the right back? Or should it only move in the x axis?
If this behavior is correct my printer works :/
I found the problem, in the printer.cfg file the printer type was nog set to Corexy so when homing only one of the motors was activa at a time.