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What printhead does my Voron 0.1 have


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Voron 0.1
Today I bought my. first, second hand, Voron 0.1.
It was standing in a corner at the sellers house for more then a year or so (packed in old newspapers dated back February 2023.
The printhead was disassembled and packed in a separate box (in 4-5 pieces). All looks well, but..
1. have no clue what printhead it is.
2. Same for the nozzle. I wonder how to mount the PFTE tube here (length, etcetera)
3. and the way it is mounted on the tool bar

( I will add images, so surely one of you will help me there). to get me to the correct manual to use to get it together.

Thanks, Eef


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Thank you for your fast reply. And the manual !!
Now it's up to you to decide whether you will take it as it is and finish assembly or whether you will upgrade to the current v0.2 https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/tree/Voron0.2r1
1. What would you advice? When I read about it, it seems to me it is mostly an aesthetic thing. Or did I miss big things there?

2. What about this printhead? I could mount in a provisional way (hanging at one screw. And some leftovers ;-) I will check the manual!).
Is it a good quality or is there a good reason to go for something else. Probably all are OK. My goal will mostly be: Printing as accurate as possible (much detail) Speed is not an issue. And it should be able to do ABS and some other not so usual filaments.
1. What would you advice? When I read about it, it seems to me it is mostly an aesthetic thing. Or did I miss big things there?
There were nice QoL changes with 0.2, I personally would upgrade to that :) Manual is much better and Mini-SB is also easier to assemble and has a bit better cooling.
The hotend is totally fine, it's a bit fancier version of classic v6 hotend which can be rigidly mounted.
If you want details, I am not sure FDM is optimal technology for that, resin will be always better and more detailed. v0s are great fast prototyping and quick print machines - it takes very little time to heat up and thanks to it being small, it prints fast.
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