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Voron Tap - EBB36/42 with OPB990


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With all the warnings about OPB990 and making sure to use it with 5v tolerant board, I decided yesterday to do a little research.
I wanted to share what I found.
Someone correct me if you think I have any of this wrong.
And let me know if this is not a good place to post this kind of information.

EBB36/42 v1.0 uses STM32F072C8T6
EBB36/42 v1.1 uses STM32G0B1CBT6 ( I think this also applies to V1.2)

Most, but not all pins are 5v tolerant on STM32F072C8T6 and STM32G0B1CBT6
STM32F072C8T6 on the V1.0 board (These are the pins to avoid(DO NOT USE))
PA0-7, PB0-1, PC0-5, PC13-15
STM32G0B1CBT6 on the V1.1(V1.2?) board (These are the pins to avoid(DO NOT USE))
PA4 and PA5

Thanks vinnycordeiro for setting me in the right direction.
I based this from these datasheets.

They seem to use FT as designator for 5v tolorant.
Look at the sections for pin assignment and the I/O Structure column.

Be careful what EBB version board you have and what pinout diagram you are looking at.
I have seen people post pictures of V1.0 pinouts while they are trying to connect to a V1.1 or V1.2 board.