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Solved Y travel limited to 115mm on a basically stock v0.1 using sensorless homing


New member
Hi all! Owner of V0.1889 here. Since I built the system I have had limited y travel which I thought was due to the endstop setup. I switched to sensorless hoping to clean up wiring and get back some of that build volume, but even after doing this I can only get 116/117mm of y travel before the X/Y carriage hits the front idler blocks so I leave the config at 115 to be safe. I haven't found (m)any people complaining about this issue online and I'm not sure what I did wrong but I'd like to get those last few millimeters back if I could. Any thoughts?
Figured it out! While taking pics to document the issue I realized I had set my stallguard sensitivity too high and it was inconsistently homing Y near but not quite at the end of the travel. Dropped sensitivity and now I have full travel even with my superpinda mounted on the tool head.