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Z axis not moving up only while printing.


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 350mm
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
I can't seem to figure out where I've gone wrong. My z axis won't go up, but only while printing. It homes as expected, I can manually (via web/front panel) move it up and down, and there seems to be no rubbing anywhere. It's like it's stuck on the same layer but only when printing.

It's recently been assembled, then moved, and I have had a few successful prints with it. I decided I wanted to set my Z-Offset in my firmware instead of my slicer software to make changing slicers easier when needed, and that's when things went sideways. I've compared (what I believe was) a working CFG to the current one, changed everything that was relevant (ie not the nozzle diameter) and I'm still having issues. I'd love any pointers or suggestions.

I've been printing for nearly a decade, but this is my first printer running klipper and I'm not afraid to admit I feel really out of my element, especially since evidently I'm too dim to fix this seemingly simple problem.

Pastebin of my printer.cfg

Thanks all!
Basic first question does how fast you request the move or the z acceleration effect it? Most moves from the display are low speed low acceleration.
Pah! I had sent some (impressively!!) quick z moves through in the console and my printer kinda smirked as it complied, but I didn't think of acceleration causing this, especially since I haven't messed with the acceleration in the slicer that I know of. The Z accel is the same in the config from a working file of old, so I know that's not the point of failure. That is evidently where the problem was though. Accel in the slicer was at 500 and 350 in printer.cfg. I dropped the acceleration in the slicer down to something acceptable and all seems to be working well on a dry run. If I'm lucky, it'll work when it's spuking out filament as well.

Thanks for pointing out the rudimentary. After getting to know marlin inside and out I kinda feel dumb airing my firmware agnostic lapse out on the internet, but something about old dogs and new tricks, right?