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Question BTT skr mini board vs Pico


New member
I ordered the formbot V0.2 kit but they've asked if I will take the 0.1 kit along with a 0.2 upgrade kit + dragon hotend SF. When I asked what the real difference was they said "the V0.1+upgrade kit comes with BTT skr mini boards and the V0.2 kit comes with the BTT Pico board". I don't really know how to judge this, will it make a difference?

Also I've already ordered my printed parts, will that change anything? I saw a suggestion in another thread that the mounting holes were different, but I couldn't tell if they were referring to a printed part. I can't yet print my own ABS.
There is not a big difference between the two boards and I do not believe it will change the printed parts but if you ordered printed parts the supplier can most likely accommodate you if there is a difference.