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Conversion from blvmgn


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Hi all, a few years back I built a 300x300x600 blv mgn. I was very tempted by the voron but thr initial cost put me off.
Over the years I've upgraded the blv but it still isn't that great.

I'd like to convert it to a 2.4 if possible, and just trying to get a rough idea of what parts I need.

Im thinking I can reuse the parts below:
alu profiles (I might need to get a few more)
330mm 8mm machined print bed
5 nema motors (need one more?)
Hot end/extruder
Duet mini5+ running klipper
3 400mm genuine hiwin rails
3 genuine 700mm hiwin rails (need o e more?)
No idea what a blv is but I bet by the time you try to convert it you will buy almost all new parts and it would be cheaper to buy a kit.

Have pics of your BLV or links to what it is?
No idea what a blv is
Stands for Ben Levi, the author of that printer. I first saw it on Thingiverse many years ago, it's an open source CoreXY design that is at first look very nicely designed. Problem is that, from what I heard/read from people who built one, it isn't kind with low tolerances cuts on extrusions; it also isn't fully enclosed, so PLA/PETG only. There is also a rumor that mods are frowned upon by the author, but I couldn't verify that.
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Over the years I've upgraded the blv but it still isn't that great.

I almost bought someone else's MGN Cube project last year... And I see you even did the metal parts upgrades... really curious if you wouldn't mind sharing what difficulties you had with it?