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Early proto-Voron kits...


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Early proto-Voron kits may have existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
The Royal Society of Exogalactic Archaeology claim to have observed historic crates with markings that somewhat resemble the Sacred Seal of Voron.

Marked crates have been observed as far back as the Very Early Days, even before Senator Palpatine declared himself Emperor.

Not everyone is convinced though. A few members of the Society claim that these markings may in fact not be an indicator of genuine
proto-Voron kits, mostly due to the current lack of crate content samples.

If you want to make one of these rare sightings yourself you can start with the highly regarded historic documentary "The Clone Wars".

Below is an example from s4 e9 at time 17:20 where several crates can be observed close to a couple of battle droids, perhaps exhausted from
relocation of heavy proto-Voron parts. Arrows have been added to help the untrained eye spot these markings.


I keep seeing these crates pop up every few episodes and eventually I just couldn't help myself... :)
To the moderators: I understand if you delete this post, it doesn't really belong here.
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