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Question I print a Voron Tap parts use my 2.4, but printed parts are not vertically, what wrong?



ABS, 245°/105°/ 50% fan, 40° chamber temp. Printouts appear skewed, But this problem only see at Y-axis direction, X-axis looks ok. what wrong? I need help.
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Bral, have you found what is causing your shift? How fast are you printing? Which slicer program? If you look at the preview does it show this offset?
No, I print a 1cm cube, It's looks ok, but if print Voron Tap parts (Tap_Front_r1.stl) and 1cm cube on the bed, They are not vertical at y-axis. I try ps/ss/cura, they are same problem. print speed use soft default parameters.
In your original photo, did you add the cubes to the Tap_Front? If I pull the STL info Cura, this is how it looks:
Tap Front.jpg
First I'd check belt tension and endure the gantry and toolhead are free without binding. Perhaps your rails need to be lubed. Then see if your stepper driver and/or stepper motors are overheating.
You could see if it propagates into another slicer. Try Super slicer for example and see if you get the same results. or do a fresh basic config in cura and see if that works.
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I had the same issue. My nozzle was too close to the bed. Because the nozzle is offset from the gantry, It creates a moment arm that pushes the extruder forward, and dissipates as consecutive layers are printed. I didn't think that was the case because I had elephant foot compensation turned on, which was eliminating the bottom layer "over-squish" so I assumed it was belt tension. And it probably only happens intermittently because the nozzle isn't getting fully cleaned after prints so the start height is varying between prints. Try raising your z-home and ensuring the nozzle is clean before each print.