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Question I print a Voron Tap parts use my 2.4, but printed parts are not vertically, what wrong?


IMG_2352.JPG 1.png

ABS, 245°/105°/ 50% fan, 40° chamber temp. Printouts appear skewed, But this problem only see at Y-axis direction, X-axis looks ok. what wrong? I need help.
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Bral, have you found what is causing your shift? How fast are you printing? Which slicer program? If you look at the preview does it show this offset?
No, I print a 1cm cube, It's looks ok, but if print Voron Tap parts (Tap_Front_r1.stl) and 1cm cube on the bed, They are not vertical at y-axis. I try ps/ss/cura, they are same problem. print speed use soft default parameters.


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In your original photo, did you add the cubes to the Tap_Front? If I pull the STL info Cura, this is how it looks:
Tap Front.jpg