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Isik's Tech - Mods, More Mods and PCBs


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Hello everyone,

I make Voron modding videos, since 2019. Also I've designed a ton of PCBs for my Vorons. Some of my most known projects include:
  • KUSBA: Klipper USB Accelerometer PCB
  • Voron 2.4 Heatbed Hood Mod
  • Voron 0 M4 Extruder Mod
  • Tiny-M Doom Cube
And I've also covered projects like:
  • Micron and other Ants Printers
  • Doom Cube
  • Nevermore (Micro and Max)
  • Enraged Rabbit Project
You'll also find many 3D printing related product reviews, guides and some videos of me rambling about 3D printers.

If that sounds interesting to you, you can find my YouTube channel here:

You can find my mods and PCBs on GitHub: