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Question Manta M8P printer.cfg issues [SPI/UART]


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Hello all. I'm working on a 2.4 kit, and I have the Manta M8P board, with the CB1. I have four BTT TMC2209 drivers for the Z motors, and the BTT TMC2240 drivers for the A&B motors. I'm wanting the use the 2240 on the A/B to see if they provide better performance.

I'm trying to get an initial take of my printer config file created so that I can get Klipper to run. I'm not yet trying to test any of the hardware, just getting Klipper running with no errors.

I've done a lot of reading, and gone over the Bigtree Tech docs, but I'm not understanding it all, and a lot seems to be missing. For reference, these are the documents I'm using:

First issue is, I can see in the example cfg file the values PE2, PB4, PC11, PF3 are all referenced in the [stepper_x] section with PC10 referenced in the [tmc2209 stepper_x] section. In the pin out image, I do see PF3 in the end stops, and I see the other pins in the green box with the blue last row in the M1 column. Fine. But what about for SPI? It looks like in the on the TMC2240 Product Page that the driver only works in SPI mode, not UART. I do not know why this is, and the driver chip itself does support UART. So do I need to just use the CS pin for the part_pin: entry in the tmc2209 sections, and also for the cs_pin: entry in the tmc2240 sections, with the actual stepper section the same either way?

The second issue is, are the TMC2240 on an SPI bus, or addressed individually? The config reference shows entries for sclk, mosi, and miso pins, and in the pin out image I do see I the top blue box those listed, so are they the same for every TMC2240 entry in the config file?

Does anyone have an example of TMC2240 usage?

Any help appreciated!
Thanks for all the great responses.

I'll update this myself, as I did get it to work. There are no issues using both the tmc2209 & the tmc2240. And the tmc2240 are surprisingly quieter, even with the same motors. So that's something. Here is the tmc2240 stepper_x config from my printer config file:

[tmc2240 stepper_x] cs_pin: x_cs_pin spi_software_sclk_pin: SCLK spi_software_mosi_pin: MOSI spi_software_miso_pin: MISO interpolate: false run_current: 1.0 stealthchop_threshold: 0

I have aliased my pins to make it a bit easier. The only thing that really surprised me was the need for the spi_software_* lines; the documentation make it seem if this were only for software SPI, not hardware. But I'm sure I just misunderstood it.

Another thing to note is that the tmc2240 drivers will show up under the temperature monitoring section of klipper web UI, but they will not show actual values until the motors are turned on (by homing for example).