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Nevermore Micro V6, Straight vs 90dg


New member
Hi all!

I’ve recently picked up a V0 and am looking at adding a nevermore to the enclosure to help deal with VOCs. Looking at the stls on GitHub, there are options for a 90dg cartridge and a straight cartridge. What are the considerations for choosing one over the other when working with a V0? I haven’t been able to find a Nevermore specific community to ask in 😬

If you bottom mount it you want it to blow up, thus you need the 90 degree one.
But in a v0 you probably want to side / panel mount it. Get the straight.
Good luck getting the complicated door to print and install correctly for the V6. I haven't been successful yet. :/
My idea was that i have the intake at the coldest point (bottom) and the exhaust pointing in the chamber instead of having it blowing up against a profile.
Either way both probably work fine.

Just installed a double V6 after the fans of my V5 broke a while back.

Wow, a double V6 in the little V0.2? I run a single V6 on 30% during printing, which seems to be enough? 🧐

The nice white and symmetrical inside of your printer does satisfy some OCD needs,... 😄

I have to straight version mounted, but also like your 90 degree idea!
Since i have the 90° version it would probably cool one side of a print more than the other side.
I didn't want that so i went symmetrical, it also looks better indeed!

Tbh i've just installed the double V6 and while the filtering is nice, i run them more to have an better chamber temperature/air circulation.
Haven't even filled them with carbon yet but first impressions are that 2x V6 @ 100% is a bit overkill for temperature.
Still have some configuration to do, perhaps with some macros.
Both of those running at 100% probably makes the tool head think it's in a wind tunnel.
It's more than enough to make klipper shutdown because of Unexpected rate of heating / Thermal protection.
Even a single V5 can do this but it's mostly the initial/first warmup of the day.