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No fan output from Octopus 1.1


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I have a Hartk StealthBurner 2 Piece board and when I was putting the SB cover on I think I misaligned the pins and shorted something out as the machine shutdown and restarted. Now I have no output on any fan pins. I have tested fans and they are OK. I am using TAP. When I replace the board it would be a good idea to move away from the Hartk SB setup, does anyone have any good suggestions that work with TAP, Xol for instance. Problem is I can't print anything so are there any pre made solutions that work with TAP.​

Where is the failure? In the toolhead board or the Octopus?

If in the toolhead board - maybe just run a couple extra wires? Or try to re-use another pin?
Are you 100% sure all your Octopus fan pins are shorted? (It has 8) As well as the 4 hotend pins. My knee jerk would be to just move to another pair and see if that works.