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Tap - Sensor light passing through center piece


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TL;DR: Before printing the TAP parts, consider if your accent color is opaque enough to actually block the light in the sensor.

After assembling my TAP, I had issues getting the sensor to recognise the tab on the center piece. At first I thought it was a configuration issue because the led on OptoTap pcb did change state once for each power reset (but never afterwards). And I was also switching to an SB2040 can bus setup at the same time. To verify, I removed the toolhead and experimented with the tap front piece manually. I noticed that it does trigger if I move it back and forth (along the Y axis) but not while moving it up and down!
Turns out, my printed part in the accent color (SUN ABS+ Fire Engine Red) was letting enough light pass through to avoid triggering the OPB 666 N! I ended up adding some black tape to the tab, and now the sensor works flawlessly.
(This is my only printer, once I'm done with recalibration, I'll reprint the center piece in black)
Good info thanks. I've seen weird infrared transmission problems with different filament types and colors before. With my Prusa I also printed a part with a tab that breaks an infrared beam. Printed even in black PETG it still allowed enough light to pass to avoid the sensor triggering. I had to print that piece in black ABS to work.