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Question V1.8 Bed Cable Routing


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I'm building a franken-voron, an unholy hybrid of 1.8 and Trident parts, built on the base of the Tronxy a5sa :)

I'm trying to design how I'm going to run the Bed cables .. I see clearly on the Trident CAD how you're intended to route the Bed cables and the back chain for them .. but nether the V1.8 CAD (nor the manual PDF) have any mention (or I missed it) of how to run the Bed cabling (perhaps the 1.8 didn't have a heated bed?) .. given my Z is closer to that of the V1.8 .. I wanted to at least see how V1.8 solved that issue before making some hacky adapter for the Trident way :)
Not sure what your bed does, but if the bed moves in the Z, you will want to have a cable chain to protect and control the bed power and thermostat wires. So you can probably use something like the switchwire part that mounts the cable chain to the baseframe, and then whatever part you need to design to mount it to the bed. You can also mount it like a 2.4 under gantry mount:

Cool, I ended up mimicking the VT setup, not sure how well aligned it will be, thanks for the link, that's also a viable alternative I can try if my first attempt fails.


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