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Solved Voron 2.4 R2 Cura Profil Help


I am looking for a profile for the printer parts for Cura currently 5.4
Can someone provide me with this
For Prusa and Superslicer I found here

But I can't get anything to change everything about Cura

Greetings Martin
I may not be answering your exact question here, but Cure should have built-in baseline profiles for the v2.4. After that, you'll need to tune speeds and whatnot to your specific build. You could also try translating the SuperSlicer profile settings to whatever the Cura equivalent would be.

From my own experience going from Cura to SuperSlicer, it was much easier to just use SuperSlicer instead of trying to get Cura to play nice with the v2.4. If you need more than the traditional supports that SuperSlicer currently offers, you can probably use PrusaSlicer for the Organic Supports. I believe there are profiles for it on the v2.4 git.
ok but I like working with Cura
Then I have to try to convert the SuperSclicer profile to Cura
Surely someone can help me then what I don't get converted Cura doesn't have all the functions