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Voron 2.4r2 350 build

The controller fans are rather loud so my first mod is to replace them with two Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX fans. The Noctuas are quieter than original no-name fans I originally installed. I can feel almost as much air exiting the other side as before even though they are spinning at 3000RPM instead of 4800RPM. In the future, if more cooling is needed I will add two more Noctuas opposite these two in a pull fashion so I will have a push-pull configuration.

Added a few 'ease of use' items to my build courtesy of the Voron community printer mods. I added magnetic clips to the panel corners and snap latches to the panel mid sections. Also added 270 deg door hinges. Now I can easily remove the panels for maintenance and completely open the doors.

Well I finished the control board wiring and cleaned up some of my previous wiring. Fired her up and no smoke. Performed some on the initial startup. Bed and hotend heated up just fine. But X/Y home test moved in the wrong direction so edited the printer.cfg file to remove the '!' from dir_pin. Now X/Y home correctly. Making sure Tap works correctly is next. At least the LED on the Tap PCB seems to work as intended, red when toolhead down, blue when up. Rest of initial set will have to waith until tomorrow. Cross your fingers🤞

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Looking GOOD! it's quite a challenge to build one as I found out too. I went with sourcing my own bits and challenging mt CR10 to print the parts. The firmware and getting it to work was a bit of a pain! I went with the Octopus Max Ez with EBB36 CANBUS, Mandala Roseworks Kinematic bed nd Titanium backers... all before it even worked :). Still, when you finally see the the first print come out it is a real sense of achievement. I will post my build later.
Did you pull off all the jumpers before you started wiring the control board? That seems to be a common mishap with users of the Octopus board at least... Hope you get to the bottom of it!
New user, waiting to start my own build when the kit arrive. When you say pulling the jumpers is a “common mishap”, do you mean we should pull them all, or should we not pull them all? Thank you.
There are a number of jumpers on the Octopus board for each driver, you need to set those correctly for the specific driver you are running. COmmonly that's the 2209 which as i recall only needs one jumper on specific pins, so you'll mostly be pulling the extras off. Check the documentation here, specifically bullet 1 in the image.