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Solved What Else Might Cause The Parts Cooling Fan to Randomly Turn on to 100%?


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The parts cooling fan will randomly go to 100% when 0% cooling was selected in the slicer. I have no idea why. Any suggestions?
What slicer do you use?
Have you checked if maybe the slicer still puts the gcode for the fan into the file? I would first check the file for M206 S255 code.
Good suggestion. Yes, I checked to g-code file. It has no fan codes. Slicer is Ultimaker Cura, version 5.2.1. It is a strange issue, as it doesn't always do it. My latest print jobs, under 2 hours at a time, are fine. I think it is happening with longer runs. Like 8 hours or more.
Well, I finally figured this out. The random parts cooling fan turn on was a setting in Cura. Under Experimental, it is the Bridging option.

Random Cooling Fan.jpg