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XY Homing causes shutdown

Dave D

Printer Model
Voron 2.4
I'm doing the initial steps to start up my new Voron 2.4 build. The steeper buzz test go great but as soon as I try and home either x or y the system shuts down with an mcu shutdown error.

This is my first build and I'm sure I do not have the printer.cfg file correct.

Any suggestions?


  • printer config 10-26-23.txt
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Have you checked that you have them wired up correctly? The Octopus will shut itself down if you are causing a short between +3.3V and GND and the manual recommends not even installing the +3.3V wire though many of the premade wiring harnesses include it which could be causing your issue.
One other person told me to check my freq in the firmware and sure enough I had missed changing the default of 8 Mhz to the correct 12. Everything works great now.

Thanks for the help.