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Dragonburner vs Mini Stealth


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Hi all, I'm really happy with my Voron V2.4 and now trident, but I'm on a quest for efficiency, reliability and simplicity.
As part of this, I'm looking into replacing the stealthburner with something a bit lighter, and preferably less complicated.

This means moving from stealthburner to dragonburner + sherpa/galileo2 + EBB36
But there's also the mini stealth!

dragonburner: https://github.com/chirpy2605/voron/tree/main/V0/Dragon_Burner
mini stealth: https://www.teamfdm.com/files/file/657-mini-stealth-mini-sherpa/

+ Both support a "standard" on top extruder mount such as the sherpa/orbiter/galileo standalone extruders need.
+ Both are quite a bit lighter than the Stealthburner
+ Both are a bit less complicated than the Stealthburner
- Arguably neither of them looks as cool as Stealthburner though :p
- They both use 2 cooling fans, which complicates things a bit, the single fan was always enough cooling performance for me.
- Wiring seems to be more difficult on these tiny toolheads.

Unfortunately there's not a clear winner! That brings me here, looking for people with experience with either the DragonBurner or mini stealth, or perhaps with another toolhead suggestion which I don't know about yet?

Do you have experience with either toolhead? Any other suggestions? Would love to hear it.

(PS: I am a bit worried about all these wires and gears just rotating out in the open, Stealthburner does keep that stuff hidden away a bit more, am I right to be worried that something might get caught in there?)

EDIT: and now also found the xol toolhead:
Darn, hard to find out which is the best option.
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Wiring on the Dragonburner is not a big problem since it's a well thought-out design, mini-sb is a little simpler, but has worse part-cooling performance. If you don't want TAP, then go with the dragonburner, otherwise, go with Xol.