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khaki! slightly modded v0.2


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im calling this one khaki! this is a self source v0 project using alot of ldo stuff... alot of fabreeko stuff, and held together with the best damn fasteners from west3d!

IMG_3062 by shaun s., on Flickr

gonna try out a bed fan!

IMG_3057 by shaun s., on Flickr

engine room pre electronics, will be running a mellow board on this one!

IMG_3056 by shaun s., on Flickr

dragon burner going in! such a neat tool head design! love the modularity!

IMG_3043 by shaun s., on Flickr
had some time yesterday to make some progress! but was missing some t-nuts out of my fastener kit =( so didnt get the toolhead mounted like i wanted... ohh well

carbon 24/7 gantry from mellow, with honeybadger cnc x carriage(so nice had to buy it twice!)

IMG_3068 by shaun s., on Flickr

installed, had to reprint the gantry ends as the ones from voron have the nubs to fit in the tslot, mellow has a link to printables on there ali site! those worked a treat!

WFEJ3213 by shaun s., on Flickr

have i mentioned how nice this x carriage is? lol

IMG_3076 by shaun s., on Flickr

IMG_3075 by shaun s., on Flickr

better look at the MLM matchstick holders mounted!

IMG_3067 by shaun s., on Flickr

boards mounted! this be a fly gemini v2.0 with a ldo picobilical board(using on another v0 and absolutely love it so worth the extra coin!)

IMG_3066 by shaun s., on Flickr

now comes wiring! i bought some cheapo white heatshrink for my label maker from mr. bezos this stuff is a good buy! have to remember to mirror print! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H95SPBF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

IMG_3074 by shaun s., on Flickr

and the mvp of the wiring job is going to be this cordless heatgun! i didnt even know this was a thing! found it at my local bigbox store!

IMG_3059 by shaun s., on Flickr
Really liking your build! Nice colors and mods. Now you have be buying the Fabreeko mount and probably the heatshrink.
Oh haha on first sight I thought you put SB toolhead on v0 and was like "...wait a minute that's not right..." :LOL: It shaped up really nicely.

nope! thats my 2.4! i have been eyeballing kevin's wth burner real closely! along with his switchthread lol :unsure::unsure: that would put me at 3 v0 kits in the house lol!