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List of slicers for 3d printing


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This post is an attempt to list all the slicers available on the market for FDM 3D printing, so we have a single point of reference to look for. Suggestions for inclusion are very welcome!

Table accurate to info available as of August 20th, 2023.
Website/repository URL
Extra comments

AGPL-3.0FreeNoLast release in 2018, repository have minor updates after that

AGPL-3.0FreeYesFork of Slic3r
SuperSlicerhttps://github.com/supermerill/SuperSlicerAGPL-3.0FreeYesmerill (SuperSlicer's mantainer) went on a hiatus starting at the last quarter of 2022, but at March 2023 returned development. In September he announced that he's going to work full-time on it starting November 2023.

Fork of PrusaSlicer

KISSlicerhttps://www.kisslicer.com/ProprietaryFree (KISSlicer Free)

$42 (KISSlicer Pro)

$80 (KISSlicer Premium)
IceSLhttps://icesl.loria.fr/ProprietaryFree for research purposesYes
Simplify3Dhttps://www.simplify3d.com/Proprietary$199/userYes (but looked like it was dead for years)
OrcaSlicerhttps://github.com/SoftFever/OrcaSlicerAGPL-3.0FreeYesFork of BambuStudio
BambuStudiohttps://github.com/bambulab/BambuStudioAGPL-3.0FreeYesFork of PrusaSlicer (credited on the description, as it wasn't forked in the usual way on Github)

MIT LicenseFreeYesAlso works for SLA printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting

Runs on any web browser
Fusion 360https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/personalProprietaryFree (personal use)

YesSlicing is an added functionality, very rough in comparison to dedicated slicers
CraftWare Prohttps://craftbot.com/craftwareProprietaryFree (Standard)

$9.99/month or $99.99/year (Premium)

$49.99/month or $499.99/year (Premium Enterprise)
YesThere's also a link for a previous, legacy version of CraftWare, but it has been discontinued
Eigerhttps://www.eiger.io/ProprietaryUndisclosedYesSlicer for Markforged printers; requires Chrome or Chrome-based browser to open site, and a Markforged account
FlashPrinthttps://www.flashforge.com/product-detail/FlashPrint-slicer-for-flashforge-fdm-3d-printersProprietaryFree? (no further information about subscriptions or one-time fees)Yes
REALvision Prohttps://realvision.pro/Proprietary€9.95/month or €99/year (Personal)

€59/month or €599/year (Corporate)

Variable (Enterprise)
REALvisionOnlinehttps://realvisiononline.com/ProprietaryFree (14 days free trial)

$4.95/month (after free trial)
YesBrowser based/cloud service
Voxelizer for Fabhttps://zmorph3d.com/software/ProprietaryFreeYesThere's a previous version called Voxelizer 2.0 that has been discontinued
ChopChop3Dhttps://www.chopchop3d.com/ProprietaryFree (Non-commercial)

€42/year (Professional/Business)

Variable (Tailor made)
$300/100 tokens
$1500/500 tokens

$5110/year or $15330/3 years
YesWas originally an independent software until acquired by Autodesk and made an add-on for Fusion 360
AnkerMake Slicerhttps://www.ankermake.com/software

AGPL-3.0FreeYesStill in beta as of May 12th, 2023; tailored for AnkerMake printers. Based on version 4.11 of the CuraEngine
AstroPrinthttps://www.astroprint.com/ProprietaryFree (Basic)

$9.90/month or $99/year (Premium)

Price on quote (Business & Education)
YesIt's a software suite with many functions for 3D printing management, slicing is just one of them. Suggested by jrubriks1209
Repetier suite (Host, Firmware, Server)https://www.repetier.com/


GPL-3.0 (Firmware)

AGPL-3.0 (slicer)

Proprietary (Host & Server)
Free, donations accepted (Host)

Free (firmware)

Free (Repetier-Server Free)
€59.99 (Repetier-Server Pro)
YesRepetier is a complete suite to manage 3D printers, not limited to slicing. The slicer is based on PrusaSlicer. On their Github repo there's an old version of Repetier-Host for Mac dated from 2013 that is licensed under the Apache License version 2; since no other version is available, I infer they changed the licensing of the Host to Proprietary
Snapmaker Lubanhttps://snapmaker.com/snapmaker-luban

AGPL-3.0FreeYesTailored for Snapmaker machines, also does g-code for laser engraving/cutting and CNC machining. Not to be confused with LuBan 3D - https://www.luban3d.com/ -, which is a paid proprietary STL editing program, not a slicer.

Historical slicers:

Those slicers were used in the early Reprap days; they are largely abandoned by now and are only listed here for historical purposes, but be my guest to slice a Voron cube on them and print it on your printer. 🙂

March 28th, 2023: initial publication.
March 29th, 2023: added a small clarification on the scope of the slicer types, added more slicers from the Wikipedia article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slicer_(3D_printing) - as seen today, disabled pre-visualization to reduce page size/load time.
March 30th, 2023: corrected a false information concerning BambuStudio being a fork of PrusaSlicer.
April 4th, 2023: added Netfabb (Fusion 360 add-on specialized in additive manufacturing tools) and AnkerMake Slicer (as seen on today's Maker's Muse review of an AnkerMake printer)
April 6th, 2023: added AstroPrint, suggested by jrubriks1209
May 12th, 2023: fixed the licensing information about AnkerMake Slicer, and added the link to the Github repository.
May 13th, 2023: added the Repetier suite (Host, Firmware, and Server).
August 20th, 2023: added Snapmaker Luban, and a note about LuBan 3D.
November 9th, 2023: added the info that merill will work full-time on SuperSlicer after quitting his previous job.
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theres another one, i personally didn't care for it too much as the slicer software wasn't all great, but it is web based, slicing, and what not. mostly used it with ender 3's and marlin, i also can't recall if the start g-code is changeable or not as i was using marlin with it.
It is pretty has a pretty well built front end, but as of 2-3 years ago the slicer wasn't to best.
It has a free and subscription models ie. free or $9.99 a mo

IMHO, its good at alot of things, but not GREAT at single things.
when i did use it, i'd say it was nice to use prior to klipper

I screen shotted a few pages, maybe it'll help with a idea of what it is or does1680825079620.png
10k characters limit reached on first post, continuing here:

Website/repository URL​
Extra comments​
E3D Pathiohttps://web.archive.org/web/20200320004050/https://pathio.xyz/ProprietaryBeta was free, there was intentions to charge for the finalized versions.NoE3D's attempt on the slicer market. Released on February 2019, the development was halted on July 2020, and the company was seeking for buyers to acquire the code. No further information exists about it, and it isn't available for download anymore.


July 3rd, 2024: added Pathio slicer just for historical purposes.
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Wow, bit of a list and some history, nice.
Are there any attempts made for slicers for free moving 4, 5 or 6 DOF robot arms that anybody know of?
Not that I am aware of, but feel free to point to them if you know about it!
Shame. I had hoped that we would have had something by now. I know that some industrial robot mfrs have used them for demos, but every time I saw one and asked they either did not know how it was done or they admitted that it was manually written code in the proprietary software for the demo only.
Makes me wish I knew more about writing code like that.
As Nero have said on some of his streams, the moment you go over 2.5 DOF on slicer software you take the ease of use, because AFAIK slicing algorithms are still not robust enough to make good decisions, and it is questionable it they ever will: just look at professional CAM software for subtractive manufacturing and how involved they still are, considering how long they have been in development.