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Question Mini SB on 2.4 for lighter toolhead ? What are the downsides ?


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So apart from no TAP, what are de compromises that Mini SB makes to be so much smaller than its big brother ?

I have no experience with V0 or its toolhead. It now looks like the CW2 features are there, and the cooling is different and requires 2 fans instead of just one but is the cooling actually worse ?

I love the SB, but as I'm chasing better accelerations the toolhead is on the heavier side.
Well, I think airflow would be a big one, but if you're really going to look at mini-SB on a v2... then a "tap" might be doable in the form of the smaller variant; the boop.
I had the exact same thought with the release of the mini stealthburner, and was surprised to find no one asking about it. The more I think about it though, most of the weight of the toolhead comes from the metal components, specifically the stepper and hotend, neither of which would change with the switch to mini stealthburner, and the mini actually has one extra fan. All of that makes me think the mini is probably not actually all that much lighter. I've been meaning to actually print all the parts and assemble one to actually compare though, couldn't seem to find actual numbers on their respective weights anywhere.
edit: unless you're thinking mini with bowden, in which case you're ditching the heaviest part - the stepper.