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Question Proper (safest) way to shut down/shut off the Voron 2.4


So I finally got my Voron working after several issues. However, when trying to turn off the machine from the interface (using the power icon and selecting "shut down" , it will disconnect and not reconnect, but the stepper drivers are still on and the fans are still running even after several minutes. Is this normal or is my machine not shutting down properly? Am I risking damaging the Raspberry Pi or the programming?

I am using the latest release of Klipper and Moonraker. I should note that Moonraker did give an error when updating.
You already is turning the Raspberry Pi off that way. When it completes the shutdown, you can safely turn the power off the printer, although I'd recommend giving it some more minutes to cooldown the hotend if necessary.
Not the right way but I have just turned off the switch 100's or 1000's of times but like Vinny said, just power off from the console and after a couple minutes you can turn off the switch.