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The Voron 2.4 350 self-source California


The start of my Voron 2.4 350

Waiting on parts but got most of them


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I see a Kinematic bed mount, some CNC'ed parts but I am not sure what the last pic is of the stuff from BQ?

Edit: Ahh, the Hermit crab tool changer, nice!
update got the frame built, went together easy the quality of parts makes a big difference on making the frame square.
when i first opened the kit and double checked the Voron plans, the kit for the frame came with lager diameter screws.


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looking like the drive parts (pulley and shaft are in the USA now, hope to see them in the next week so i can start building again.
looking like the drive parts (pulley and shaft are in the USA now, hope to see them in the next week so i can start building again.
Waiting on parts...I'm hearing the theme music from final Jeopardy in my head...
Oh damn, now I'm hearing it too,..
ahhh never noticed how calming it was before. :)

You mentioned some of it was a kit.
Which kit maker is it?
Parts got here,
bought the motion kit from AliExpress it is a powge kit wanted the red set but month after ordered it they email and said not available asked to change color to black
started to assemble then found a problem in the drive system.
have a

FYSETC Vorn 2.4 R2 CNC Parts Kit, Full Upgrade Aluminum Alloy Frame CNC Machined All Metal Parts DIY 3D Printer Accessories Including Matching Screws Hardware Parts-Black and Red

POWGE VORON 2.4 R2 Motion Parts GT2 LL-2GT RF Open Timing Belt 2GT 16T/20T/80T Tooth Pulley 188-2GT Shaft Bearing 625 F695 2RS

the belt that attaches the motor to the drive carriage is so tight that it binds the drive gears
the adjustment arm makes it to tight
the bears that i used in the carriage is upgraded from 3dwest
does belt come in different sizes?
any ideas or is this normal
update found part of the issue , should not work on it when i should be sleeping LOL

the lever that puts so much tension on belt is just tight the belt is so tight, that it sounds like a bow string when i set it.
update on drive belt to tight, tried several different things but none worked. So now I ordered different size belts.
190 192 194 belts for the printer, wanted to know if anyone else had to change the belts or is it the parts that i order are not to spec.
I'm just thinking it might throw the timing off on the printer.
Belts got here, looking like the belt that works best is the 190mm.
the cnc parts (that I bought) must be off just a little but the belt extra size fixed the issue.

now need to find a good heavy-duty belt from gates to have spares on hand, since I'm not standard in the size.....

now its time to start to move forward with the build