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Solved Voron Trident underextrusion


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Printer Model
Voron Trident
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hi, I just finished my trident, calibrated e steps and wanted to print the voron cube. This is what I get. When extruding over mainsail interface everything works fine, no clicking noise or extruder skipping, but starting any print ends like this. Using ebb sb2209(rp2040) it gets around 70 degrees. Can that be the issue?
I tried both G2E and CW2, with same result.

ABS, 250 degrees, dragon HF with cht nozzle. Also I’m using Ellis slicer no input shaper 24mm slicer profile. My first thought was maybe I assembled g2e wrong but it happens on cw2 too.
how much part cooling are you using? Is your part fan actually running?

also, what's your pressure advance set to ?
Have you got the right thermistor set? I saw very similar issues and it was down to bad config on my part (was using a V6 clone initially, until my Revo turned up and I'd forgotten to change the thermistor type). Also - have you checked the thickness of your skirt loops? Your first layer height doesn't look right (lack of squish)
With some help from Discord, I figured it out. My z rotation distance was set to 8 instead of 4. No idea how I overlooked this. I disassembled extruders and swapped nozzles before going through my config file. Let that be a lesson, maybe it helps someone with similar problem.