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Better Acrylic panels?


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The 3mm Acrylic panels on my Voron are in my opinion to flimsy. I want something that will be a little more sturdy as well as retain heat better.
I just plugged in some numbers to a place that specializes in Acrylic and the cost to replace the top, doors and sides with 1/4" or 5.5mm came out to $300.

This seems a bit steep, or maybe I still have the pre-Covid prices mind set. Has anyone found or wanted a better solution? I can hear my panels fluctuation when I am printing fast and that just sucks :)


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That seems about right for that much 1/4" Acrylic. I bought a 48"x48" sheet of 1/4" acrylic from Lowe's in October of 2021 and paid something like $120, and this seems like it'd be just about the same amount (maybe a bit less).