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How does one find non-official mods?

There have to be dozens of non-"official" mods (that aren't in the VoronDesign github. Like I know Logan Fraser has some good ones in his own Github because I've used them after stumbling across them on the Discord.
Is there some kind of index or mod reference for mods that don't have the official seal of approval?
I've never seen one. A lot are referenced in the User Mod Discord channel but those scroll by quickly. I'm hoping people start to post them here to get a better idea of what is out there.
There are lots of mods on both Printables and Thingiverse, but indexing those is a pain, and in the case of Thingiverse it isn't even allowed to crawl the data from them for indexing. That's unfortunate, but at the same time inevitable due to the size the Voron project got.
I thik find a good mod, post it on here should be a thing. Getting my toolhead accepted onto voron users was fairly brutal, it was great to have extra sets of eyese looking at printability in ways I didn't think about, and overall the quality went up, but this isn't upheald across the board.